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What organisations can register on Haricare or FISD

Haricare and FISD are provided by Haringey Council Department of Adult Social Services and Children’s department as a service for local residents. It aims to meet our duty to provide information under the Care Act 2014, both directly as a site residents can access, and as an information resource for staff who are dealing with members of the public.

Haricare provides information about products or services that may be useful to adults who may need care and support as defined under the Care Act 2014 and their carers. This includes adults with physical, mental, sensory, learning or cognitive disabilities or illnesses, substance misuse or brain injury.

The site for children and families, FISD, has products or services for children or to support adults with caring for children. This includes all children, as well as services for children with Special educational needs and disabilities

We aim to provide information about resources which are:-

  1. Free or with a nominal cost so that someone may access them to reduce their need to rely on a personal budget from Social Services.
  2. Childcare services who are registered on OFSTED will appear on Synergy and should update thier listings there
  3. Paid for so that they can be accessed by someone who
    1. is receiving a Direct Payment from Social Services,
    2. has needs that are or are likely to be eligible for a personal budget, but has funds that mean they will be a self funder

We will put some essential services on as managed providers, but we invite organisations to register so they are managing their own information.

Registered organisations need to provide certain documents before their information can be shown on the website:-

  • If they provide services that should be CQC registered they must include their CQC numbers so the site will confirm their current CQC status.
  • If they provide services which are or should be OFSTED registered they must provide an OFSTED URN so we can confirm their OFSTED status

Inclusion criteria

  • Haricare does not need to reproduce information that is on other web directories or can be easily found with an internet search. We are aware that national organisations may be asked to register on local websites for every authority in the country
  • Therefore our main focus should be on getting a comprehensive directory of local organisations, including local branches of national organisations.
  • We will welcome national organisations who choose to register.
  • We will welcome registration from non-profit, governmental, public, or voluntary sector bodies. They can list any services they provide on a non-commercial basis.
  • Commercial providers for adults will only be accepted if they are providing products or services of particular relevance to adults with physical, mental, sensory, learning or cognitive disabilities or illnesses, substance misuse or brain injury, or their carers.
  • Commercial providers for children will only be accepted if they provide products or services which are particularly relevant to supporting children in need.
  • Information is published free of charge.
  • Services must be available for residents in Haringey. Products must be available for delivery or collection within Haringey.
  • Any organisation or service which seeks to promote a political or religious cause can only be included if the also provide services which are not promoting this cause. Their description should be mainly about these services.
  • The site is for products and services to support individuals and families. Organisations providing support for professionals or other organisations only will not be included.
  • The Council reserves the right to exclude any organisation we consider inappropriate or offensive.
  • It may be necessary to edit an organisation details.
  • The Council cannot guarantee the inclusion of any organisation.
  • Organisations included in the listing do not carry the endorsement of the Haricare and FISD Team or Haringey Council.
  • The Haricare Team's decision about what organisations are appropriate is final.