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Understanding Adult Social Care

To receive support from Social Services contact First Response Team who will ask you some questions to determine what kind of help is most appropriate for you. They may arrange for you to have an Assessment. We will encourage you to try and meet your needs without needing a personal budget from us. You can search Haricare for free or low cost services and products to help you.

If your needs are more complex we may award you a Personal Budget to pay for products and services. There are different ways you could receive this, we will help you decide which is best for you:

  • Services may be arranged by us up to the cost of the Personal Budget.
  • You may receive all or part of the Budget as a Direct Payment to enable you to arrange and pay for them yourself.
  • You can have an Individual Service Fund which means we pay all or part of the budget to another organisation who provide or arrange for the services

You will receive a financial Assessment which will determine if you have enough money to pay for your own care, or pay a contribution towards the cost.

You can search on Haricare for services you can buy with a direct payment. Haricare lists organisations which provide services.

You can also employ a personal assistant. This is a person you employ directly to carry out the services you need. You are the employer which means you are responsible for making sure the correct Tax, National Insurance and Pension contributions are paid. The Personal Budget support team can help you find a payroll service to take care of this, or some payroll companies are on Haricare. We will also help you arrange Employer's Liability Insurance.

People who wish to work as a personal assistant can register on Haricare. Prospective employers can look at their details on here to find someone suitable. You can also employ someone already known to you. There are some companies who will recruit Personal assistants on your behalf.

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