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  1. Safe and sound community alarms

    Haringey has an extensive community alarm and telecare/telehealth service. Over 5,000 people have this service. It is not just a community alarm (which can be a pendant or wristband, whichever you prefer), we have sensor pads put in strategic points in your property, bed, dotted about the floor etc in case you fall or tend to wander.

    We provide alarms to vulnerable people and offer help to those who may need assistance at very short notice. Although the service is used predominantly by older people, it is also available to other vulnerable adults.

    In addition, we are currently assessing clients referrals for Telecare Sensors.

    Following assessment, an alarm will be installed in your home so that you can summon any help which is necessary, including the emergency service and relatives. The alarm is attached to your telephone and is activated by a pendant which you wear.

    The service is available to clients 24 hours a day.

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