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  1. Haringey Shed

    The Haringey Shed inclusive theatre provide workshops after school in various locations east and west of the borough on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for children aged 7-10 years and young people aged 11-16 years old. They also provide full time summer theatre projects and occasional additional holiday projects. The content of the sessions includes a mix of music, movement and drama leading to performances. The team positively welcome and include all children whatever their ability or disability, and within the large sessions all are taught in small supportive groups where the youngsters are encouraged to express their individuality.


    Monday           5.00-6.30         Children’s Theatre (7-10 years) Haringey Sixth Form Centre

    Monday           7.00-8.30         Youth Theatre (11-16 years) Haringey Sixth Form Centre   

    Tuesday          4.30-5.30         Training Band (7-16years) Haringey Irish Centre

    Tuesday          5.30-7.00         Shed Band (7 -16 years) Haringey Irish Centre

    Wednesday     4.30-5.30         Shed Moves Dance 1 (7-10 years) Haringey Irish Centre

    Wednesday     5.30-6.30         Shed Moves Dance 2 (11-16 years) Haringey Irish Centre

    Wednesday     6.30-8.00         1-4-1-9 (14-19 years) Haringey Irish Centre

    Thursday         4.30-5.30         Big Noise Choir (7-16 years) Haringey Irish Centre

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