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  1. The Meadow Orchard Project

    Meadow Orchard is a beautiful urban meadow and community garden located in Crouch End, North London. Join us in helping this local wild space to thrive with lots of activities, events and celebrations to get involved with. Learn new skills, meet others and enjoy being in nature! What we do

    • grow food, medicinal herbs and wild flowers in our garden
    • tree-care and forest gardening in our fruit orchard
    • wildlife activities in our rare meadow grassland habitat and woodland
    • eco-building to finish constructing our community round-house and other structures
    • care and upkeep of the site
    • natural bee-keeping
    • events, workshops, wellbeing activities, celebrations, arts and crafts
    • observe and enjoy nature!

    We welcome volunteers of all ages and ability and aim to open every Saturday from 12-4pm (depending on our site leaders’ availability.)

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