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  1. London Youth Support Trust

    The London Youth Support Trust (LYST) is a youth enterprise charity that provides young people with the space and support they need to start a business.

    We support young people aged 18-30, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged to achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship. Through our business incubation units, based in deprived areas of London, we provide affordable premises for young business owners to work out of, alongside business advice and support.

    Our Mission

    LYST is dedicated to helping young disadvantaged people become financially independent. We do this by providing affordable business units, over three years, from where our clients develop and run their own businesses and access on site business advice and support.

    Our Aims

    • To enable our clients to create sustainable businesses
    • To improve our client’s ability to run a successful business
    • To reduce the level ofbusiness failure in our client group

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