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  1. Lead Care

    We understand that everyone must be treated as an individual and no two people are the same, even if they suffer from the same condition. The Agency provides services that are tailored to meet individual needs for adults and older people who are challenged physically, mentally or recovering from a condition. We provide services for:

    • Individuals who require Palliative Care
    • Anyone living with Dementia or Alzheimers
    • Anyone recovering from cognitive conditions after a stroke
    • Persons with Speech or visual Impairment
    • Physical and Learning Disabilities
    • Services We Provide

    We support our service users and their families in various ways providing fast and efficient staffing all year round at short notices:

    • Personal and social care
    • Respite care
    • Prompt with Medication
    • Overnight care
    • Assistance with shopping/domestic duties
    • Accompanying to appointments
    • General companionship
    • Assistance/preparations duties (light meals, snacks and drinks)

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