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  1. The Integrated Community Therapy Team (ICTT)

    The Integrated Community Therapy team (ICTT) aims to provide a flexible, holistic client centred community rehabilitation therapy service that meets the diverse needs of Haringey population through increasing people’s independence and improving the quality of their lives. We are a team of specialist therapists and rehabilitation practitioners who work with Haringey residents, over the age of 18 with physical, cognitive or communication difficulties to maintain and promote independence in their own home or local community. Therapy goals are agreed upon and worked towards over a period of time. Clients may be seen by one or more members of the team depending on need. Most people are seen in their own home, local community or at the health centres in the borough.


    The Team
    • Occupational therapists help clients cope with everyday tasks like washing, dressing, cooking, work and hobbies
    • Physiotherapists help with movement and mobility
    • Speech and language therapists help with communication and swallowing problems
    • Rehabilitation practitioners support and enhance client treatment with guidance from the rest of the team
    • Team administrators are available during office hours to help answer queries

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