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  1. Chiswick care ltd

    With over 20 years’ experience, the management of Chiswick Care Limited pride ourselves on offering a highly professional care service for Service users with learning disabilities & mental health problems. Our motto is “caring for individuality”. We are pleased to accept Service Users for long term, short term and respite care.


    Chiswick Care Limited works in line with the personalisation agenda and has had a shift in the way care and support is delivered to service users.

    We now have person centred plans and our services are all user led ensuring an anti-discriminatory approach that looks at people’s strengths’, choices, and preferences. Chiswick Care Ltd has evolved into a quality service that reflects what individual service users really want according to their own basic needs, preferences, and aspirations.


    We believe in equal opportunities and delivering a quality service, hence our emphasis on individuality is emphasised, with staff who have time to give attention to small detail, and where they have the choice of enjoying the company of like-minded fellow Service Users:


    PRIVACY:     The right of a Service User to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish.



    DIGNITY:      The understanding of a Service Users need and treating them with respect.



    INDEPENDENCE:    Allowing a Service User to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions and think and act for themselves.



    CHOICE:        Giving a Service User the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.



    RIGHTS:        Keeping all basic human rights available to the Service Users.



    FULFILMENT:          Enabling the Service User to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living.

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