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  1. Strive Mobility

    Strive Mobility - The simple way to rent mobility products (wheelchairs, hoists, mobility scooters etc) online.

    Whether you need to hire a wheelchair in London, a mobility scooter in Cardiff or rent a hoist in Liverpool, you're at the right place - 

    Strive Mobility was created in order to make life just a little easier for our disabled users and their carers.  We understand that for anyone with a disability, it’s not always easy to get out and about; having to always think about the equipment that you might need in order to get somewhere and what mobility aids you might need once you’re there, can be stressful.  With Strive Mobility you no longer have to worry about this.  You can now hire wheelchairs, mobility scooters, profile beds and other mobility equipment on a long or short term basis so that they’re available for you to use at your destination.

    COVID19 Update


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    Wheelchair hire

    Disability Hoist hire in Blackpool

    Mobility scooter hire

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    Profile Bed Hire

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