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  1. Epiphany Adult Care Consultancy & Care Services

    Care Consultancy

    Epiphany is an ethical caring provider, delivering an innovative range of services to the adult care arena. We provide vulnerable clients with alternative privatised social work consultation, alongside an ingenious range of practical and care services that specifically cater for the adult care arena.

    We are proud to have taken the Action for Happiness pledge and provide high calibre staff who are dedicated to cultivating positivity and happiness, in line with our ethos of facilitating the very best quality of life possible, for our clients and their support networks via our Epiphany family.


    Innovative Solutions to Care Provision

    Epiphany is an exciting new service created to meet the demand for exceptional quality care provision. We are adult care specialists providing professional impartial advice, information, support and advocacy pertaining to all aspects of adult care. Working in partnership with clients and their support networks, our ultimate objective is to maximise the welfare and wellbeing of our clients as you embark on your care journey.


    A privatised Care Route

    Epiphany provides a welcome alternative to traditional social services provision and is a valuable resource for self-funders who are liable for the full costs of their care. Recipients of social services funding can also benefit from our independent intervention for advice, advocacy and Direct Payments support.


    Private Social Work & Care Consultancy

    An innovative range of unique care services, holistically delivered in line with our ethos of maximising client well-being & facilitating the very best quality of life possible.


    Consultancy Services

    Advice & Information

    Care Consultations

    Private Assessments

    Concierge Service

    Housing Options Advice

    Sourcing Care Services

    Identifying Care Home

    Risk Assessments



    Continuing Health Care

    Care Act Assessments

    Support Planning

    Procurement & Brokerage

    Completion of Forms

    Home Based Stimuli Activities

    Social Club

    Handy Man Support


    Why Use Epiphany

    Just as with private health care, Epiphany provides high calibre services, specifically at the point of need thus alleviating the unfortunate reality of social services waiting lists. Our Care Consultants provide an expedient, efficient and effective option to navigating the complexities of the adult care arena. Our extensive range of specialist knowledge, skills and experience, afford our client’s peace of mind and the reassurance of positive outcomes.

    Client Groups


    Dementia Care

    Physical Disabilities

    Learning Disabilities

    Palliative Care

    Children in Transition

    Self -funders

    Mental Health

    Carer Support


    Customised Home Care Services To BE LAUNCHED SOON

    Providing quality care without compromise to maximise client well-being dignity and respect and achieve positive outcomes and happiness.

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