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  1. EDS - Empowering Deaf Society

    Who we are:

     Empowering Deaf Society is a registered charity, dedicated to improving the quality of life for deaf people.

    We are a deaf–led charity and have a strong and diverse team of deaf and hearing professionals who work closely together delivering a variety of services for Deaf people.

    Our services are aimed at providing support through information and advice, workshops and events as well as Signature Accredited BSL Courses across Greater London.  We also work with local community services and businesses to raise awareness about the Deaf community, focusing on social integration and improving communication and understanding between the two cultures of the deaf and hearing communities.

    Importantly the charity also works with the deaf community to maintain and protect its language and culture. Through campaigns and working closely with many professional bodies in several sectors and training many of their staff in deaf awareness and BSL skills EDS strives to ensure that BSL is legally recognised as a language and is adopted onto the National Curriculum. We believe that in doing so the lives of many deaf people will improve, resulting in better access to education and services whilst also building better bridges between the deaf and hearing communities.

    What we do:

    provide support services such as:-

    • advocacy services,
    • information, advice and guidance,
    • employment support,
    • sign post and referral,
    • sight translation support.

    We also run Signature Accredited BSL Courses:-

    • BSL level 1-4,
    • NVQ level 6,
    • BSL tutorials 1:1,
    • BSL in schools,
    • Deaf awareness training for both communities and corporate businesses,

    In addition we also run various workshops and events led by professionals in:

    • Health and well being,
    • public service information,
    • everyday life skills,
    • sports and leisure,
    • trips,
    • deaf club,
    • children’s activities,
    • cultural events

    and many more!

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