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  1. YoYo - Young Onset Dementia Support Group

    We are a mutual support group for people diagnosed with young onset dementia and their carers. We look out for each other at our meetings and activities, but we cannot take responsibility for unaccompanied people diagnosed with dementia who have caring needs. 

    We do various activities, including yoga, dance therapy, dementia friendly cycling and nature walks. We have also been involved in various theatre, music and art projects. We meet up regularly for support group meals and carers meals. Our schedule, (subject to change) is: 

    • 1st and 3rd Friday of the month Yoga for all group members
    • 2nd Friday - Cognitive stimulation therapy for group members diagnosed with dementia, and a separate support group meeting for carers
    • 4th Friday - All members support group meeting, also open to visitors 

    We meet every Friday at 2pm

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