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  1. Talent Match

    Supporting young people into fulfilling careers

    Talent Match London is a partnership of organisations testing innovative youth-led solutions to unemployment & sharing learning for social impact.

    Why we exist

    Before the initial development of Talent Match London, young people were telling us that unemployment was the key issue affecting their lives. Unemployment leads to many negative outcomes in terms, but being unemployed when young leads to a higher likelihood of long-term ‘scarring’ in later life in terms of subsequent lower pay, higher unemployment and reduced life chances.

    London has of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the UK.Unemployment in London is two and a half times higher for 16-24 year olds than it is for those aged 25-64. Worst still many unemployed young people in London aged 18-24 are not accessing support through Job Seekers Allowance or Universal Credit.

    Talent Match London was created to support this group of “hidden” 18-24 year olds who have been out of employment or training for at least a year. They are young people who are not accessing statutory services, who are furthest from the labour market and who face a number of barriers to entering work without a new approach

    Through a distinctive ‘youth work’ approach to employability, Talent Match London aims not only to get young people into jobs, but also to equip them with the skills, capabilities and desire to navigate a fulfilling career pathway. Talent Match London is focused on the long term, equipping young people with ‘tools’ for life.

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