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  1. ategi Shared Lives Haringey

    Shared Lives is a service provided by carefully chosen single people, couples or families we call Shared Lives Carers.  Shared Lives offers support and accommodation within the ordinary households of carefully recruited, trained, checked and supported Shared Lives Carers. The people they support live or stay as part of the Shared Lives Carers' family having been carefully matched by our experienced teams. Many people who need support to live their lives prefer the idea of living with a Shared Lives Carer who they can take time to get to know and who they can build a meaningful and enduring relationship with.

    Shared Lives offers a real alternative to other forms of support and accommodation. People supported by Shared Lives Carers are at the centre of their arrangements and are encouraged to gain confidence and greater independence, develop skills and make lasting relationships while living or staying for short breaks, as part of the Shared Lives Carers household.


    "Supporting people to live their lives"



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