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  1. Livability Netteswell Rectory

    Netteswell Rectory in Harlow, Essex, is a residential home for nine working aged adults (18-65 years) with learning disabilities and additional specialist care needs.

    The home is a detached house with three sitting rooms, a large garden and a summer house; plenty of space for you to relax, socialize and partake in hobbies.

    The accommodation is divided into private flats; two flats with own front doors, shared by 3 residents per flat. There is one bedsit and communal living on the ground floor.

    Supporting you: At Netteswell, we promote peer support, friendships, being active within the community, joining groups that interest you and increasing your ‘circle of support’. We adhere to person-centred values, building on your strengths to enable you to be your own person, with full choice and control over your life as an active decision maker.

    There is always something to do with residents arranging group activities and instructing staff with arrangements for barbecues, parties, exercise classes, cooking and days out.

    We listen to you and assist you to self-manage your own healthcare, cope with fluctuations in ability and explore assisted technology to further empower you.

    Your key worker will support and explain things to you, building on your confidence to make your own decisions and develop with you a support plan and timetable to match your personality.

    We are committed to celebrating small achievements as this leads to bigger ones, making every moment count, building on your confidence in recognition of your strengths and contribution as an active citizen. Tell us about your aspirations and we will build on your abilities, find solutions with you and support you to find a meaningful job or volunteer work.

    There is a committed group of volunteers, 'Friends Group', who actively fundraise for additional items or activities that residents identify as beneficial to them.

    Friends and family are welcomed to visit you at any time.

    Key features • Private garden • Mini bus service • Computer access • Free Wi-Fi • Adapted kitchens • Shared flats • Large communal spaces • Town Centre location

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