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  1. Finsbury Park Bowls Club

    Finsbury Park Bowls Cub has been part of life in Finsbury Park since 1900.

    The club is found near the Endymion Road entrance to the park – the boating lake and Park Café lie nearby. The bowling green is secluded by trees on three sides, with a glimpse of the lake and wild geese. On a fine day it can offer the sense of a break in the country, without the journey time or cost. The luxury of space, at a bargain price.

    The club is run by its members and maintains its own clubhouse and grounds. We are delighted to welcome new members, whether experienced bowlers or anyone ready to give the game a try.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Isn’t bowls a game for older people?

    A: Bowls is played by men and women of all ages. Televised tournaments reflect the game’s appeal to younger players.

    Bowls is surprisingly good exercise, and an enjoyable way of keeping fit.

    Q: I’ve never played before – does it matter?

    A: No. Help will be given – please ask.

    Q: What do I need to start?

    A: At first just yourself and a pair of flat-soled shoes. The rest will be explained as you progress.

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