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  1. Core Outreach and Care Services Uk Ltd

    We provide a range of flexible and socially inclusive services aimed at promoting independence for people who use our services.

    We realise that it is a resposibility to ensure reasonable precautions are taken to provide and maintain working conditions that are safe, healthy and comply with statotory requirements and codes of practice.

    We promote independence and social inclusion for people with learning disabilities by giving them the opportunities to access the community like everyone else.

    We promote professional support and care for older people in their own homes. We also support parents/families to have a break in order to continue caring.

    Our person centred approach ensures that our service users are involved in making decisions that affect how they want to spend their day or activities they want to engage in. This is facilitated by giving them options enabling them to make informed choices, thereby promoting the individual's right to respect, privacy and dignity. Involving service users in the decision making process is vital particularly when they are going to be affected by the decision.

    Our sit-in service provides practical gender appropriate support to enable carers or parents especially the aged to have breaks anytime they want in order to continue caring.

    Our services are designed to meet individual strengths and needs and our risk assessment procedures ensure that we deliver under excellent and safe environment.

    We have established emergency procedures and we have a 24 hours call number and an emergency number for rapid response.

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