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  1. Active Assistance

    We support people with complex and continuing health care needs. Our philosophy is based on the principle that each individual should be enabled to live a fulfilling life to their own potential. We aim to do this by developing confidence with care packages that are responsive, flexible and client focussed based on: -

    • Dignity of the client and their family
    • Respect for the human rights of the client
    • Maintenance of appropriate boundaries

    Active Assistance supports people with complex and continuing healthcare needs. We are committed to working with the NHS, CCG's, Local Authorities, Direct Funders and other stakeholders to provide the highest quality continuing care in the community.

    We provide a range of specialist and complex services for Spinal Injury patients and those with an ABI, as well as neurological conditions such as SCI, TBI, MS and Cerebral Palsy, and others.

    We have extensive expertise in provision for ventilated clients.

    Our Organisational competencies include:

    • Tracheostomy
    • Tracheal Suctioning
    • Oral Suctioning
    • Changing of Tracheostomy
    • Ventilation
    • BiPAP
    • CPAP
    • Enteral Feeding
    • Medication via Gastrostomy
    • Suprapubic Catheterisation
    • Urethral Catheterisation
    • Intermittent Catheterisation
    • Bowel Management
    • Autonomic Dysreflexia
    • Moving and Handling (qualification)
    • Risk Assessment

    In order to deliver our service, we employ a large number of Personal Assistants across the UK for both live-in and live-out packages. We can therefore consider packages of care throughout the UK, but will often need a lead-time in order to complete recruitment and induction processes prior to commencement.

    In some cases, we have staff available for a more immediate start; and we can also undertake TUPE transfers of existing staff where applicable.

    Please send enquiries or requests for services to our group email address- or, of course, telephone our office number below for a more immediate response.

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