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  1. BUBIC (Bringing Unity Back into the Community)

    BUBIC is an award-winning community-based organisation that provides support for drug users, ex-drug users, their family and friends. Our service is mainly aimed at substance misuse. 

    BUBIC’s strength lies in our approach. We work in and with communities to encourage individuals to change their negative habitual behaviours and continue to support ex-users by giving them a platform to give back to their community by becoming qualified peer supporters and peer mentors. Helping those with negative habitual behaviours recognize the causes and effects of their habitual behaviour and to give them practical advice and emotional support through their recovery journey. 

    Our staff and volunteers (many of whom are ex-users) run support groups and other activities across Haringey, North London including Gateway Qualifications in Peer Support and Peer Mentoring. If you, or anyone you know have negative habitual behaviours and would like our support to change these behaviours or perhaps you are affected by someone else’s behaviours then BUBIC can help, our details are below.

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