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  1. Renaissance Personnel

    Renaissance Personnel Ltd’s provides individualised homecare support with the aim of empowering service users to actively get involved in their care as much as they are able to. More and more people are being recommended to our services as a result of the oustanding workforce and high standards. We provide individualised and service user-centred homecare services. The terms used to describe health and social care services provided in people’s own homes is Domiciliary Care Services. This personalised service is available on hourly, shift, sleep over, daily or live-in basis by qualified nurses or carers depending of the needs of the service user.

    Our domiciliary care services are necessary to enable individuals who are in need of health and social care assistance to remain at home with a reasonable level of health, hygiene, safety and comfort, and delivered in such a way as to enhance their quality of life and independence. It is an alternative to being taken into care home or hospital. The service may be needed due to a permanent or temporary inability to manage their own care, because of frailty in advancing age, disability, physical or mental ill health, changes within the family causing the need for extra help, or the lack of necessary self-caring skills. The services that can be provided within the remits of Domiciliary Care may include;

    • personal care (assistance with activities of daily living),
    • domestic assistance
    • enablement,
    • assistance with meals,
    • shopping,
    • collecting pensions and allowances,
    • or other services identified in the support or care plan

    We strongly believe that the best place for healing is in the comfort of your own home. Our workforce do fully support this core belief and will cooperate with all stipulated training requirements aimed at enhancing the service user's quality of life at home. We operate to very high standards and in accordance with all relevant set rules and guidelines.

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