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  1. St John’s Deaf Community Centre

    We, St John's Deaf Community Centre opened in February 2011 and have since grown from strength to strength with various sections set up for children and adults under one umbrella 'St John's Deaf Club.' Please look through our website for information and updates on each of our section:

    *Social Club: Fridays weekly, 7pm-11pm
    *Advocacy Service: Fridays weekly, 11am-5pm
    *50+ Club: Fridays weekly, 11am-4pm
    *Poker Club: Mondays weekly, 7pm-11pm
    *Youth Club (12yrs - 18yrs): Tuesdays weekly, 4pm-6pm
    *Bingo Club: Saturdays 6 times a year, 2pm-9pm (See Bingo for dates)
    *Table Tennis Club - Weekly Training & Matches: Tuesdays/Fridays, 7pm-11pm
    *German Whist Club: Every 3rd Sunday of the month, 2pm-9pm
    *Football Club: Weeknights & Weekends Training & Matches (See Football for join-up)
    *Events Club: Easter, Hallowe'en & Christmas Parties for Families (See Events for dates)
    *Military Whist Club: Twice a year on Sundays (see Military Whist for dates)

    Our Community Centre offers hall hires throughout the week and weekends, we have two halls, one small hall that accommodates 50-75 people and our main hall which accommodates 125 people; both halls have access to our kitchen facilities where you can have hot water for tea/coffee as well as use of some of the kitchen facilities. Both halls are available for hire from the morning to evening until 11pm the latest. If you would like to hire one of our halls, please do get in touch with us.

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