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  1. L&Q

    L&Q provide quality homes for vulnerable adults and young people who need help to live independently.

    This includes accommodation intended for older people, and a range of other housing for those with other needs including:

    • learning difficulties
    • young people
    • mental health problems
    • drug and alcohol misuse problems
    • people that need help to gain the skills and confidence to live on their own and manage their household and tenancy.

    L&Q work with a range of agencies who employ and manage the staff that work in our properties providing the support and / or care services.

    L&Q will provide housing management services for some residents and this will include things like:

    • maintenance, cleaning and gardening
    • dealing with anti-social behaviour
    • assisting people who wish to transfer to another home

    Where appropriate the agency will also provide the housing management services to our residents.

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