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  1. Skills & Training Network

    Skills & Training Network (STN) is a  recognised community based and professional educational training provider and charity organisation was established in 2011 to empower and support hard to reach marginalised groups, mainly women from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) backgrounds and their families but not exclusively: lone parents, NEET Not in Education, Employment and Training, young people, new migrants, low skilled and disabled people who are disadvantaged in the job market and in education in North London mainly in Enfield, Haringey and Islington.

    We committed to promote positive social change, enriching lives and communities.

    STN provides a one stop shop approach, offering holistic services, volunteering, work placements, offering relevant qualifications and jobs. We deliver a variety of well-planned, tailor-made bespoke short and intensive training programmes and courses which are in high demand in the local community and job market and job centres.

    Skills and Training Network born and set up part of the community, our mission is to serve the community by giving the disadvantaged and marginalised people the chance to learn, progress, achieve their full potential, integrate, gain employment and have a better life.

    STN is well regarded for its friendly working environment. We accept all comers regardless of their circumstances and abilities. Many of our learners become true friends and return as peer mentors, counsellors or volunteers, thereby reinforcing our positive presence in the local community.

    STN also provides Careers Advice and Guidance (IAG), work placement, volunteering opportunities, job coaching, mentoring.

    STN is incredibly proud of the strong rapport and excellent relationship we have built with our beneficiaries, partners, businesses and the wider community. Our wealth of experience and deep understanding of the community is one of the keys to our continued success.

    STN takes a special pride in helping disadvantaged BAMER groups, mostly from Turkish, Asian, Arab Somali and other communities who are economically inactive, long term unemployed, lone parents, carers, the recently redundant, disabled people and low-skilled individuals looking for work.

    At STN; we believe we have a responsibility to invest in the communities we serve.


    Our head office is situated in the Edmonton Green Shopping Centre and we have training facilities in Finsbury Park . Our Edmonton office has an ICT suite with 12 computers, fibre optic broadband, wifi access, projectors and teaching equipment.

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