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  1. Aran Homes

    We deliver accommodation & support to adults with mental health and related needs, providing individually paced, flexible and personalised support to vulnerable adults so they may realise their full potential. Client involvement and empowerment are at the heart of our service, assisting and enabling service users to make informed decisions regarding their current circumstances and future direction and aspirations.

    We focus on promoting recovery, independence, choice and control. Working in partnership with local professional services, we support clients to manage mental and physical health needs and to access appropriate and timely health care interventions. Additionally we provide support on:

    • Tenancy sustainment

    • Home safety

    • Accessing benefits, budgeting & debt management

    • Medication management

    • Development of independent living skills

    • Structuring daily activities and accessing community based resources including education, employment, leisure, sports, cultural and religious centres

    • Staying safe in the community

    • Developing self-confidence, independence & decision making skills

    • Organising social activities, events & holidays

    • Managing family & friendship networks

    • Reduced drug & alcohol dependencies

    • Managing behaviours

    • Exercising citizenship rights

    • Practical individual one to one assistance as required

    Services are provided on a 24/7 basis by friendly and approachable staff who are vetted, trained, supervised and supported in all aspects of their work.

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