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  1. DRS Care Home

    DRS Care Homes provides high quality community accommodation and support for vulnerable adults with;

    • Mental health problems.
    • Mild and moderate learning disabilities
    • Challenging behaviours
    • Social, Psychological and emotional difficulties.

     Our Motto "A posse ad esse" is a Latin phrase which means "from possibility to actuality."

    At DRS we feel that every individual has the right to progress and maximise their potential. Each individual's goal is different, and can range from living in the community with support to achieving total independence; but whatever their goal or dream, our mission is to help them make it reality.
    Every person is treated with respect and dignity, and is supported in every aspect of their lives. Our high quality support packages are delivered through dedicated staff, trained to meet individual needs and help empower them to progress and achieve personal goals.

    Our Services

    DRS offers a comprehensive and flexible range of community based person centred support packages for adults aged 18 years and over, tailored to meet their individual needs.

    We are committed to providing successful outcomes for adults who may challenge existing services provision. We have over 25 years experience of support for vulnerable adults with challenging or complex needs, who may have experienced difficulties in finding suitable services to meet their needs. Our services offer greater independence for individuals who may suffer with mental health and learning difficulties.

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