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  1. Fouracres Care Services

    Service delivery and philosophy


    Fouracres Residential Care Home supports adults with a learning disability. It accommodates both men and women from the age of 18 upwards. We aim to provide a warm environment where service users can feel truly at home.


    The home provides long-term support to a maximum of 4 service users. Depending on room vacancies we can provide short-term support to a maximum of 2 service users.


    We recognise the individuality of all service users and aim to provide a service which best reflects their needs, by taking into consideration their emotional, physical, cultural, religious and psychological needs.


    We do this in the following ways:


    •    Choice and control

    We aim to maximise the degree of involvement service users play in making everyday choices and in taking part in personal planning processes. We also encourage them to access local social activities.


    • Promotion of independence

             Service users are encouraged to do things for themselves, such as routine household tasks.


    • Risk and Safety

             Risk and safety assessments are drawn up with a direct focus placed upon the health and safety of service users.


    • Stability and Trust

             The manager and staff aim to develop a valued relationship with all service users and their families


    • Rights

             The manager and staff are committed to preserving the rights of all service users in accordance with those offered to all citizens.


    • Health care

             We help service users to access all health care services that they may require


    • Attention to detail

                Being responsive to the ever-changing needs of our service users, being attentive to their environment, and enabling them to promote a positive image in the community is at the forefront of our work.

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