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  1. Acorn Day Opportunities LTD

    Every day at Acorn Day Opportunities individuals are given the autonomy to choose from an extensive variety of enjoyable activities designed to benefit their minds and bodies; our community is built on the premise of developing each service user’s self-confidence and social aptitude through interaction and individual achievement.

    We run three services:

    Option 1: One-to-one support

    Option 2: Supervision and minimal support

    Option 3: Drop-in service

    • Acorn Day Opportunities is a developmental Day Learning Centre for individuals between 18-65 with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, challenging behaviours, mental health disorders and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
    • At ADO we have excellent resources offering a wide range of community based activities whilst maintaining a focus on developing the individuals practical skills and education, whatever their ability.
    • To ensure we provide our clients with the highest standard of care possible our staff are regularly presented with in-house training opportunities and encouraged to gain extra-accredited qualifications.
    • ADO is registered with two educational boards: ASDAN (Award Scheme Developmental and Accreditation) and WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) who issue nationally recognised certificates and externally evaluate a portfolio completed by the service user.
    • We have a trained cook on our premises who caters to the needs of our service users. We offer vegetarian and halal options to make sure all preferences are met to a high standard. All service users have access to the kitchen and can be supported in its use.

    We understand that because of personal preference and ability that some service users won’t be interested or able to take part in certain activities, for this reason we offer a wide range of activities both indoor and outdoor to provide options to cater for all, including:

    • Arts and crafts, beauty sessions, bowling, computer classes, cooking classes, cycling, day trips, local farm visits, maths and english classes, movie time, museum visits, music and dance sessions, music therapy, indoor hydro-pool (jacuzzi), outdoor gym and volunteering opportunities at a local garden scheme.

    Our new drop in service has been tailored specifically for those who are interested in taking part in full day, morning or afternoon sessions, and would be accompanied by a carer/PA. Food and travel can be added in as optional extras for this service.

    Please visit our website for more information:


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