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  1. Echo

    Echo is more than just a trading network for business. Our vision is to help Britain’s communities thrive by forging new relationships between the people, organisations and businesses within them, and it all begins with time banks.

    Our roots are in time banks – community networks through which people can exchange the skills they have for those they need. As a result, we’ve helped some of the most marginalised groups in London enhance their skills, confidence and wellbeing, in turn strengthening their communities. You can see some of our projects here.

    With Echo, we’re building a nationwide network of local time banks, beginning in east London and rippling out across the country. We want to make it easy for organisations around the UK to start their own time banks, so we’re providing the infrastructure and support they need – just get in touch to find out more.

    In the long term, we’d like to be able to ask trading organisations to pay a small admin fee to help us realise our goals. We’ll use it to support not just Echo, but all the P2P time banks we’re working with. Essentially, we’re making time banking both scalable and sustainable – and for us, that’s priceless.

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