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  1. KeyRing Living Support Networks

    KeyRing’s network model has been core to our service delivery since 1990. All the services that we offer are based around the assets of the people we support and other people in their communities.

    The networks will provide support for people with a learning disability and/or mental health need. Local volunteers will be a big part of the networks, helping to support Members with things like skill building, maximising their income, and applying for housing. Members are looking forward to getting to know one other and sharing their skills.

    We know that people are busy and so try to make the referral process as easy as possible whilst gathering the information we need to ensure the person will be well supported.

    It is a good idea to give the local manager a call first so that we can tell you quickly whether we are likely to be able to help.  So if you would like to make a referral please contact us.

    Once we've spoken, we will send out the appropriate form and as soon as the initial paperwork is in place, we will agree a time and place for us to meet the person. 

    Referring someone to KeyRing could be a huge step in helping them to make a really positive life change.

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