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  1. The Money Carer Foundation

    The Money Carer Foundation provides a trusted appointeeship service to protect vulnerable adults who are not able to manage their own financial affairs. However, managing the day-to-day finances of our clients is simply a small part of the overall practical and emotional support that we provide.

    Our clients range from people with learning disabilities or individuals who may have memory problems to people who may suffer from substance misuse issues or have mental health problems.

    The Money Carer Foundation provides a comprehensive daily money management service with a clear monthly fee structure. In many cases the fees for our services are often offset via recognition that are service qualifies for disability disregard expenditure. We do not receive funding from any third parties whatsoever.

    Individuals are also able to pay for our daily money management service directly if alternative funding is not available. We are often creative in finding funding solutions for clients and in some cases a funding split from supporting organisations or individuals may be possible.

    We operate a fixed monthly fee structure for our daily money management service as follows:

    Supporting Service Users in Community Settings - £65 PCM
    Supporting Service Users in Nursing or Residential Home Settings - £35 PCM
    Managing the daily money management needs of vulnerable people can often be an expensive and time consuming process for care providers, local authorities, family members or other support teams and as such providing an effective money management service can often prove to be problematic and costly for many organisations that do not have the technology or necessary experience in this area.

    The appointeeship services from The Money Carer Foundation provide a practical and efficient way to deliver a secure and cost effective money management service as part of the wider care teams who supports people in need of financial assistance.

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