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Lone Alarms

Organisation type: Private

We provide alarms to lone workers, mobile workers, and anybody else who wants to feel protected and reassured. All of our alarm users receive a 24/7 monitoring service from our Response Team. Every member of the team has had extensive training to provide the best possible service and respond to a wide range of emergency situations. What’s more, the TSA has given our Monitoring Centre the highest possible accreditation. The TSA (Telecare Services Association) is the industry and standards body for Telecare and Telehealth in the UK. With just one push of your alarm button, you can get help when you need it most from our expert Response Team.


Lone Alarms can protect lone workers from the hazards they face in the workplace. If a lone worker needs help for any reason, they can raise the alarm quickly and easily. Just press and hold the two buttons on the Lone Alarm. This will raise an alert in our 24-hour Monitoring Centre. A member of our expert team will respond and arrange help.


Every Lone Alarm contains a GPS locator. This allows the team to send assistance to the worker’s exact location. The alarm also contains a built-in microphone and speaker, so the worker can tell the Monitoring Team what has happened.


To order personal alarms for your lone workers, simply give our friendly team a call on 0800 03 08 222 or fill in our Enquiry Form. Every Lone Alarm comes with 24/7 monitoring for one year, included in the cost per alarm.

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    Lone Alarms
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