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Organisation details

I can do it

Organisation type: Voluntary or Community Sector

Providing high quality courses in

  • Basic Skills (Literacy and Numeracy),
  • ESOL, Business Admin,
  • Basic & Advanced ICT,
  • Customer Service,
  • Management, Accountancy,
  • Learning & Development and Health & Social Care including Apprenticeship Pathways
  • 19+ Advanced Learning Loans
  • Finance Opportunities

I Can Do It is a leading registered charity within the education sector that provides professional and tailor-made training for the diverse and cosmopolitan society we live in. We are proud to be one of the largest providers of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) with a strong track record of helping those facing barriers to the labour market, including those with a range of physical and learning disabilities and difficulties.

Continuously expanding since its inception in 1995, I Can Do It supports approximately 500 learners completing programmes each year and strives to improve the education and skills of all learners with a strong focus on empowering disadvantaged local communities facing barriers to employment.

We believe every individual has the potential to offer valuable contributions to the workplace regardless of disability, gender or background and aim to encourage involvement in education, training and sustainable employment opportunities by tapping into learners’ endless positive potential and allowing them to achieve their best.

I Can Do It offers a range of qualifications and professional support including

  • ICT training programmes,
  • Basic Skills courses (Literacy and Numeracy) and
  • Career Guidance via the National Careers Service at our Guidance Centre.

We have delivered funded programmes for European Social Fund (ESF), European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Skills Funding Agency (SFA), College of North East London (CONEL), Nextsteps, University for Industry (Ufi), London Development Agency (LDA) and London Councils.

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    I can do it
    Selby Centre
    Selby Road
    N17 8JL

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