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Refugee Therapy Centre

Organisation type: Voluntary or Community Sector

The Refugee Therapy Centre was established in 1999 in response to the growing need for a therapeutic service which respected, and worked with, the cultural and linguistic needs of refugees and asylum seekers providing people with the opportunity to be heard and receive help in their own language where possible or in English if they so wished.

Our central purpose is to help refugees and asylum seekers to feel empowered to deal with their psychological difficulties by providing specialist counselling, psychotherapy and support.

We offer

We offer individual, couple, family and group therapy, as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy, based on an assessment of need.

The majority of the Centre's therapists have a refugee or immigrant background and bring with them a wealth of linguistic, cultural and shared experiences.

Patients have the choice of receiving therapeutic support in English or in their own language. Some people prefer not to see a therapist from their own cultural background because of feelings of mistrust, guilt, shame or embarrassment about what has happened to them, but also due to the intensity of feelings of pain when talking in their own language.

Some people simply do not want to have contact with helpers from their own background because they feel rejected by their own people and country. At the core of our work are the refugees and asylum seekers themselves.

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