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Marks And Spencer

We listen to our local communities, our customers and our employees, to make sure we understand their changing needs and are best placed to help them deal with issues such as unemployment or poverty and to improve their health and wellbeing.
We’ve supported our local communities throughout our 130 year history, because we know that vibrant communities are essential for our success. As David Sieff, a member of the M&S founding family, said: “healthy high streets need healthy backstreets”.
We’re committed to support social cohesion, economic prosperity and inclusive growth - by being relevant in local neighbourhoods worldwide, be they in Bristol, Mumbai or Shanghai. We want to be a brand that employees are proud to work for and that customers can trust.
Commitments and targets
Our goal is to create a positive impact in society and improve peoples’ lives wherever we touch them, in line with our company purpose by Making Every Moment Special.
We’re committed to listen to our stakeholders to help us understand social issues and decide what role we can play in helping to find solutions. When working with others, we try to identify shared objectives for our programmes and to assess the mutual social, environmental and business value collaboration brings.
We aim to take a progressive approach to our community engagement. This is reflected in our Plan A commitments on employability, being in touch with the local community, identifying partnership benefits and supporting global communities.
Our approach covers our whole value chain and includes employees, customers, workers in our supply chain, charity partners and local communities around the world. 

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