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Doro Care

Organisation type: Private

Welcome to an easier everyday life

Doro introduced the first truly easy to use mobile for seniors back in 2007. Today, making things easier is all we do. And though we are seldom named among the giants, our users care more about simplicity, than about following the crowd.

40 years later -
And still a bit of a rebel

It’s hard to imagine that our story began with a fax machine. That was back in ’74. We imported them into Sweden and helped tear down a telecom monopoly in the process. Now we’re helping others to achieve their own personal victories. How? By adapting modern technology so that it’s easier to hear, read and use – enabling people to stay closer, enjoy more of life and feel more secure.

Not only for seniors -
Age is just a number

As it turns out, a lot of people who don’t consider themselves seniors appreciate our products, too. We know from talking to them how much they dislike being put into categories. Or referred to in terms of numbers. They’ve been around. Seen a lot. And they know what they want.

Design by Doro - Keep it simple. Make it shine.

Making things complicated and unappealing is easy. It’s making them easy and tasteful that’s so challenging. From our latest amplified mobile or landline phone, to the next generation of easy smartphones or applications, our design teams have one overriding goal: keep it simple, without making it dull. Ease of use coupled with good form, sound, ergonomics and visual experience are what make our products shine. And though we’re proud to have won several international awards for product design and innovation, it’s the praise of everyday users that is our best


For freedom and dignity
Doro Care is a division of Doro dedicated entirely to the idea of enabling seniors to continue living independently at home, with dignity confidence and security. These products are designed to be stimulating and assuring, without being stigmatising. Find out how our “unconventional” TeleCare solutions made available through modern independence services allow people to retain more autonomy and still get help when they need it.

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    Doro Care
    Bridge House
    Chiltern Hill
    Chalfont St. Peter
    Gerrards Cross
    SL9 9UE

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