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About us

VoiceAbility supports people who face disadvantage or discrimination to have a voice that counts. Throughout my life I have seen the difference that having a voice can make. It makes the difference between being in control, having rights that are respected and living life to the full, and being ignored. So I am delighted to lead VoiceAbility’s work to ensure that no-one is left out.

VoiceAbility has led work to ensure that people are supported to have control over their lives. We have pioneered new ways of enabling people to be heard and have rights, ranging from the creation of local Parliaments run by people with learning disabilities to new statutory services supporting people with the highest support needs facing the most critical decisions. We have developed excellent services and as a result have become one of the largest advocacy providers in the UK.

We continue to develop our services to respond to the requirements of people with whom we work alongside, ensuring that we find the best way to ensure that people have control of their lives in a rapidly changing world. I do hope you enjoy finding out more about us on our site.

Jonathan Senker, Chief Executive

Our Values 

Our values are what unite us as a team of people working together to achieve our mission. They are the qualities we demonstrate when we are at work and that we look for in new colleagues.

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