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    SSA Star Care Ltd is a Domiciliary Care business and supported living unit/ providing care and support to individual age 18-65, 65+ in their own homes. This introduction explains how SSA Star Care Ltd run our Domiciliary Care business and to meet the...

  2. Plus II Dynamic Mattress System

    From: Arden Care Supplies Ltd

    Developed for medium to high risk applications, the Plus II dynamic mattress system is ideal for use on profiling beds, incorporating a top hinge positioned to reduce the risk of pinching cells in the sacral area. The Mattress System can be purchased...

  3. SureSafe 24/7 Connect Alarm Service - Fall Detector

    From: SureSafe Alarms

    FallSafe is the latest technology in personal alarms. The FallSafe fall detector is a wrist or neck worn fall detector that can detect falls and activate the alarm without the user needing to push the button. Often when an individual has a fall they are...

  4. Splash Proof Call Pendant with MPPL Pager

    From: Medpage EasylinkUK

    Useful splash-proof pendant with radio pager, ideal for the elderly and infirm to alert a partner or carer they need help. Large easy to press call button, which when pressed transmits an alarm to the tone/vibration alert radio pager with a range of up...

  5. Telecare Alarm - Annual Package

    From: Telecare Choice

    The Telecare Alarm Annual Package is the best value alarm package that we offer. By paying once a year you will save £20 on the annual cost of the system. £39 initial fee applies. The package includes both the rental of the Telecare equipment and 24 hour...

  6. Digital Memory Prompting calender clock

    From: Medpage EasylinkUK

    this unique dementia clock allows a family member or health visitor to set daily time reminders using voice, picture or video to plan a person's daily routine.    create personalised reminders on your phone or PC, or choose from over 100 pre-installed...

  7. Worried About Wandering Package

    From: Alcove

    A front door sensor and hallway movement sensor will create an immediate alert if the front door is opened or a loved one leaves their home. You can decide what times you want alerts - 24/7 or throughout the day.   Your package contains: 1 x Alcove hub...

  8. Depression Awareness

    From: CPD Online college Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses and with this course on depression awareness, you will have a much wider knowledge of what it is and the feelings experienced by a depressed individual....

  9. Prevent and Radicalisation

    From: CPD Online college This course will explore what Prevent, the governments strategy to tackle radicalisation, covers and how to work to prevent the risk of someone being radicalised. Through the units, students will...

  10. Lifeline Vi Alarm

    From: Lifeline24

    A personal alarm pendant, despite its name, can be worn around the wrist or the neck. They are ideal for the elderly, disabled, chronically ill or people who just need a little bit of reassurance to remain independent at home. Pendant alarms have been...

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